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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs involved in signing-up? No, if you just want to be listed or to take part in the mailing list or classified ads there aren't even hidden costs. If your demo is auditioned and you're signed by a label as a result of that or us sending your demo out, then we take 10% of your signing fee. If we're selling your "single" online, then we take 60 cents of the $ 2 charged. You get $ 1 and the remaining 40 cents goes to who provide the payment service.
What sort of music can be submitted? Anything that loosely can fit within the coverall of "rock". Traditional "finger in the ear" folkies should probably look elsewhere as should avant-garde classicists. That said, you cannot submit cover versions. All compositions must be original works by you or your group.
How do we submit music? On CD. We cannot accept cassettes due to the time involved in transferring them to digital and eq-ing them. A straight audio CD is ideal but mp3 files or RealAudio files on CD are fine too. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we cannot return CDs sent to us for inclusion.
What about biographies, photos and other info? You can send that on CD too but image files of CD artwork and band photos must be JPEG or GIF and text files must be plain Notepad or SimpleText files. Failing that, send us your photos and info with the Cd and we'll get it on the web page from there.
Can we upload material or update it online? No, you can't. That could easily compromise the security of our server. We also have to check the music and any accompanying text to ensure it isn't offensive or illegal.
How do you decide what will be auditioned and when? We'll include anything providing it isn't offensive or illegal and is delivered in a competent manner and acceptable quality. We plan to "audition" 30 bands/musicians every month - allowing users to sample one new act a day if they wish.When numbers exceed that we will apply quality control and our audition committe will pick what we consider to be the most commercial of the demos sent to us. We could include everyone as some sites do - but who would ever listen to everything? Your music will be featured in the first available slot. The moment we allocate it a slot, you will be given a date for your page going live.
Can we change the tracks or update the text once it's online? No, you can't. If that were the case we could have changes being made every day and users would be getting different information throughout the month. To ensure your text is as professional as possible, we may edit it but we won't change it. If your band splits and the material has to be removed for legal reasons, we will happily follow any formal instructions we receive to that effect.
How many tracks will be "auditioned"? A maximum of three lasting 90 secs. If you send us an album, we'll pick what we think are the most interesting, suitable or commercial tracks for "auditioning".
Can we tell how many times our tracks are downloaded? No, at the moment you can't. We have that information as log files but to sift through all that would need several full time employees. We are working on software to do that for us but can't tell when it will be available. In the meantime the best we can offer is a counter run by an independent site to show how many people have been on your page during the month.
What happens to the compilation CD of each month's audition? Initially we'll be sending out 100 copies to A&R men, reviewers, pluggers and DJs that we have contact with in the U.K. A further 50 copies will be sent out to selected contacts in the rest of the world. We could blitz everyone but would rather concentrate on the people we believe will get results for you. To cover the cost of pressing, phone calls, mail-outs, etc., we'll also make a limited number available for sale through the site. Initially this will be 100 copies but we hope it will expand as our list of contacts grows and with it, the number of our mail-outs .
You haven't answered all my questions. What do I do now? E-mail us at or telephone 0403 917514 and we'll try and answer any other questions you have.

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