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206 Records.


206 Records put outs quality melodic punk rock and skaterock. We have been cranking out CD since 1996. Completely DIY.


Stinkaholic- ska/punk along the lines of Operation Ivy.

Belvedere- melodic punk rock, often compared to 88 Fingers Louie. They just got back from a 10 day tour with Bad Religion.

Manner Farm- political punkers in the vein of Propaganhi, featuring members of Gob and Another Joe.

Downway- Great punk along the lines of early face to face or Bad Religion.

Ferd Mert- Speedy, pop punk. Goofy and fun as hell.

Veteran Flashbax- Melodic hardcore, often compared to many bands on Fat Wreck Chords.

Nuclear Saturday- melodic punk, this band has been featured on Triple X records comps and Vagrant Records "5 Years on the Streets" Compilation.

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206 Records
8314 Greenwood North
PMB 102
Seattle WA. 98103



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