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Blue Worm Records.


Blue Worm Record's goal and desire is to maintain it's DIY sensibility while being a resource for musicians and artists that share a common goal: To create the most powerful and genuine music/art possible. This goal is attained through a community of musicians/artists that do not fall prey to the typical "Rock Star" attitudes and/or values that many of todays most prevalent pop-art/music icons and the "indie elite" display. The releases that are put out, by Blue Worm Records, are by sincere, honest, and responsible artists that have no qualms about standing up for what they believe in or who they are. Support your local scene!


Dropnickel - "Standby" & "Music For The New Day"

The Dames - "Music For The New Day"

Green Stick Fracture - "Music For The New Day"

With. - "Music For The New Day"

Bully The Pole - "Music For The New Day"

The A.T.F - "Music For The New Day"

Ouija Radio - "Music For The New Day"

Voodoo Love Mint - "Music For The New Day"

Curious Yellow - "Music For The New Day"

Twitch - "Music For The New Day"

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Blue Worm Records
P.O. Box 581756,
MN 55458-1756

Phone: 612/940.5714
Fax: 612/692.6661


Brett Johnson

ICQ: 35142713

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