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Coming In Second Records.


Coming In Second is a DIY label devoted, to indie rock generally, and Boise, ID indie rock specifically. We use the means at our disposal to get great rock out there, and we have no hangups about using, for example, plastic bags to hold our CDs rather than jewel cases. We don't mind going to Kinko's to get covers done. Squeezing two albums on one disc to get two great releases for the price of one? Fine. The only thing that really matters is the rock, and we have plenty of that. We release rock, ranging from indie-pop to surf-rock, by such bands as Pajama Party In a Haunted Hive, G. America, D.O.L.L., Plumb Bob, and The Yukon and You.


The Yukon and You

Pajama Party In a Haunted Hive

G. America-(one-off)


Plumb Bob

Web Site.


Coming In Second
c/o Jeremy Jensen,
1807 Division Ave,
Boise, ID ,
T3H 3B6


Chris Holman

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