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Microcosm Records.


Microcosm Records is a small group trying to prove to the world that we can successfully run our own operation. We have occassional help with shitwork like putting records together but that's about it.

We are striving to avoid this disease known as the day job. I think that it's much more important for me to be giving this my all then to be doing it as just a hobby. I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money as long as you ARE NOT COMPROMISING YOUR OWN INTEGRITY AND BELIEFS TO DO SO. Too many people are quick to yell sellout at anyone in the scene who has any kind of longterm success.

I believe in benefitting and promoting the music that I like and making things easier and more possible for the bands that I believe are deserving and not recieving the proper attention. It's very difficult to build a band up from the ground that has no prior releases and make them into a household name in punk circles.

We also do extensive distribution.


We've done records with:

The Roswells


Little Dipper, and more.

Look for the next 3 BEDFORD records out in the next 4 months.

Web Site.


Microcosm Records
7741 Ohio Street,
OH 44060-4850,

Phone/Fax: (440) 255-4663


Joe Biel

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