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Signal to Noise.


Signal to Noise is a small independent label based in College Park, MD. Determined to follow in the footsteps of the D.C. legends.

Dedicated to music of the world, Signal to Noise is based in the heart of the east coast...just minutes from both Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Recently we have been featured in CMJ and Wet Devoh. Sterotype is Signal to Noise's own zine reporting on some of the finest things the D.C. scene has to offer. So here's to world domination. Enjoy!


Signal to Noise is poised to take over the world with such heart stopping acts as:

Velvet out of the D.C. area

Electronimo from Kansas City.

Web Site.


Signal to Noise
4711 Berwyn Road,
College Park,
MD 20740,


Dan Obregon

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