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Skanking Skull Records.


Skanking Skull Records "for punks from punks" is an independent record label from florida in the united states.

Skanking Skull is run by Generic. Generic has been writing for maximumrocknroll (pioneers of punk) for the last 6 years and has been in the Dead end kids for the last 7.

Skanking Skull is truly independent and self ruled for punks from punks.


dead end kids

garage rats

nick qwik

loose ends

reno divorce

the blame

spent idols

the boils

the bristles.

An upcoming compilation "its better than a shot in the arm" will feature, dead end kids, doa, garage rats, chinese takeaway, tedio boys, 77 and many many more.

Web Site.

Dead End Kids


Skanking Skull Records
40101 Sherydan Glenn,
Lady Lake,
FL 32159,


Dan Obregon

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