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Slap Happy Records.


We are a diy pop/punk label from central California. Every release is independently funded and produced; we are completely free from any national business ties. We try to put out between 4 and 7 releases per year.

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sh009-2 v/a- "Holy Gobstoppers Bat Man!! Another Compilation maximumrocknroll Won't Like!!" CD July 1999.

sh008-2 Secretions- "Attention Deficit Disorderly" CD March 1999.

sh007-7 Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth- "Party of Four" seven-inch record August 1998.

sh006-2 v/a- "Being In A Band Doesn't Really Get You Girls" CD March 1998.

sh005-2 Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth- "Sweet Merciful Crap" CD September 1996.

Upcoming Releases:

October 1999: The Stupid Jerks/ Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth- "Same Ted, Different Band" CD.

December 1999: The Knockoffs- (full length CD).

March 2000: Secretions- (full length CD).

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Slap Happy Records
Po Box 249,
CA 94514,

Phone: (204) 487-1943


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