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Turducken Recordings.


Label cum multi-media corporation handling releases, a fanzine (for WTUL), gigs and radio promotions. All too much to be run out of a bedroom, we think.

Highlight of their gigging/touring (described as the Roadtrip Division) is allowing the public to be photographed with Turducken's world reknowned rubber duck, Bernard.

We predict it's only a matter of time before Bernard fronts Turucken TV's first show! Will this rubber duck become the "Ugly George" of the 21st Century?


PAST (Still available):

Dominions - Debut CD from this one man electronic orchestra. Look out for a Hotchkiss remix from Dominions!

The Leopolds - Debut 7" from New Orleans teen surf pop idols. Also available on cassette. (co-release with Root Beer Extract)

Capt Qitn - Debut 7" from Eric of Home and Jenny formerly of Pee Shy. They got married and they celebrated by the recording this!

Strawberry Presents... - Debut 7" from this New Orleans trio. Lots of testosterone and attitude.

Pee Shy/Home - Live spilt 7" recorded on a Fisher-Price recorder.

The Hong Kong - Debut 7" from this NY via NO foursome. Music for Mars terraformers.

Tector Gorch - Debut 7" from this New Orleans trio. The bass player is now in the Famous Monsters!

Magus - Debut 7" from this legendary noisy New Orleans group. The bass player is now in Jai-Alai.


Hotchkiss - Debut CD from Art Boonparn and company. Great indie pop including the hit, "Monday Wednesday Friday". (cassettes also available - but the cd has bonus tracks) (co-release with Root Beer Extract)

The Darkest Hours - Debut CD from the garage trio featuring Matt from The Royal Pendletons, Peggy from The Gories, and Art from Hotchkiss. Recorded by Fletcher from The Leopolds. (co-release with Root Beer Extract)

Squabteen - Debut cd of vomit electro from this duo that hides out in the frightening suburb of New Orleans, Metairie. (co-release with Chromosome 57)

Chromosome 57 collective compilation - The folks from Squabteen are also in charge of a collective of interesting electronic folks that span the country. This 12" will give a sampling of what they're all about. Includes Squabteen, Neutral, Plexitmind, searchwoundinfinitus, and much more. (co-release with Chromosome 57)

NO-FI - Live garage rock compilation recorded at the Mermaid Lounge. Featuring The Royal Pendletons, The Darkest Hours, The Ramparts, The Leopolds, The Persuaders, The Macguillicuddys, and the Famous Monsters. (co-release with Root Beer Extract)


All Things Boonparn - very limited edition CD to celebrate Art Boonparn's 29th birthday. Music from many of the bands that Art has been in - Squint, Hotchkiss, Darkest Hours, the Ramparts, and more. Catch Hotchkiss, Darkest Hours, and the Ramparts at the Mermaid Lounge on July 23. (co-release with Root Beer Extract)

The Rubbermaids - Debut cd from this trio of nubile popster gals. They design and make their cute outfits. Owwwwww!

The Gillespie Bros. - Debut CD from these two brothers. One on drums and one on baritone. Both sing. Take a little Minutemen and little Elvis Costello and the Attractions and some good looks.

Bingo Gazingo - picture 7" from this septigenarian ranting over music by Dominions (co-release with Scientific)

Hotch who? What kiss? - A tribute CD to a band that is yet to be a household name. Covers and remixes of Hotchkiss done by Masters of the Hemisphere, Barcelona, Capt Qitn, Dominions, and many more. (co-release with Root Beer Extract)

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Turducken Recordings
518 Bordeaux St,
New Orleans,
LA 70115-1606,


Anthony DelRosario

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