Tenesee Kait

Tenesee Kait

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"Pretty Please" opens with the feel of "Hong Kong Garden" done in an Orange Juice kinda way. Great jangly guitars but just when you're getting into the groove it's wake up time. This must've been what James Dean felt like when he pranged the Porsche. One question: who let the kid in with the tin drum to foul up the recording?

I can't make up my mind if its a vocoder or a singing Mac at the start of "Soul Control" but they should've left it out. Other than that it's a far better balance than "Pretty Please". Love the feel of "... my head feels like a basketball" - great rhythm, perfectly suited to the words.

It's another wander through the record collection for "Separate Anywhere". We start with a drum rhythm that sounds like it comes from Genesis at the nadir of their prog period. Thankfully, it's over soon enough and replaced by a dark malevolent groove with a great slightly off key vocal that looks like it's about to build into a hypnotic cycle when someone lets that thrash band in again.

Overall: Interesting but cliched. Good vocals and a tight, energetic band. Some brilliant ideas but it feels like they're using this to show off their knowledge of rock history. The thrash/hardcore side of the band is probably what they feel is their best commercial hope but I loved their quiet passages and their use of rhythm. The brooding quality they had reminded me of Joy Division but sounded nothing like that band. Could it be that hidden deep beneath their influences lurks their very own style? I think so.

If they can get in a studio with someone with an ear for what they're doing they could go far. That said, these tracks are well worth downloading and will reward repeated playings. If they can keep together and build on their strengths it will be intriguing to see what they produce in a year or two.

Line Up.

Craig Ross - vox/guitar.
Stef Bednarek - drums/backing vox.
Gordon Donald - bass.

Previous Recordings.

The Illustrious Life Of Captain Daft. 4 track demo EP recorded at Stage 2000 in Dundee, May 30-31, 1998. Not released commercially.


Nothing available - yet.

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