Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan's Handwritten Prose

Jeans Whizz By... Undated.

A Circus Hell. 18th April 1966.

When I Was A Kid... 19th April 1966.

Tracks Of Trains... 21st April 1966.

Subway Scene. 23rd April 1966.

Imprisoned In Insecurity... 27th April 1966.

A Glimpse Of Smokey Joes. April 1966.

I Zoomed Up Into The Darkness... 1966.

...I'm Such A Kosher Guy. 6th April 1966.

2 Mins In A Dragy Pub. 6th April 1966.

Blue Sued Shoes. 7th May 1966.

A Maniac's Statement. 8th May 1966.

I Was Digin' A Ginsberg Poem... 11th May 1966.

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