April 1st.

1915. Willie Dixon born Vicksburg, Mississippi.

1926. Bluesman Amos Milburn born in Houston, Texas.

1928. HMV release the first auto-change record player for 128.

1939. Rudolph Isley born Cincinatti, Ohio.

1946. Arthur Conley born Atlanta, Georgia.

1946. Ronnie Lane (Faces) born in East London.

1948. Simon Crowe (Lindisfarne) born.

1952. Billy Currie (Ultravox) born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

1961. Mark White (ABC) born.

1969. The Beach Boys sue Capitol Records for $ 2,000,000 in unpaid royalties.

1969. The Daily Express quotes John Lennon as saying, "I'm down to my last 50,000".

April 2nd.

1938. Marvin Gaye born Washington D.C..

1941. Leon Russell born Russell Bridges in Lawton, Oklahoma.

1943. Larry Coryell born Galveston, Texas.

1974. Piccadilly Radio goes on-air.

1979. Capitol Radio in London broadcasts news that Jimmy Pursey is missing and appeals for him to contact his record company, Polydor. They just want to tell him about an appearance the next day on ITV's 'Tiswas' programme.

April 3rd.

1928. Don Gibson (writer of 'I Can't Stop Loving You' and others) born in Shelby, North Carolina.

1939. Songwriter Jeff Barry ("Da Doo Ron Ron","Leader Of The Pack", "River Deep, Mountain High") born.

1941. Jan Berry (Jan & Dean) born Los Angeles.

1944. Tony Orlando born in Philadelphia.

1944. Barry Pritchard (Fortunes) born in Birmingham.

1945. Richard Manuel (The Band) born in Stratford, Canada.

1970. The fabled Brinsley Schwartz hype when a planeload of UK hacks were flown to New York to see the unknown band support Van Morrison at the Fillmore East. The plane was late and even a police motorcade into the city, just in time to catch the band, failed to inspire positive reviews. The cost of the debacle - a mere 120,000.

1976. Brotherhood Of Man win the Eurovision Song Contest for Britain with 'Save All Your Kisses For Me'.

1979. Kate Bush makes her live debut at Liverpool Empire.

1979. Jimmy Pursey is found and makes it to Birmingham in time to appear on 'Tiswas'. One of his tasks during the show is to throw a custard pie into the face of comedian Frank Carson. He does it with too much force, knocking several teeth out.

1990. Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan dies in Los Angeles, aged 66.

1994. Nirvana and Hole cancel their tours amid reports that Kurt and Courtney have booked themselves into a detox clinic.

April 4th.

1915. Muddy Waters born McKinley Morganfield in Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

1941. Major Lance born in Chicago.

1948. Berry Oakley (Allman Brothers) born in Chicago, Illinois.

1948. Pick Withers (Dire Straits) born.

1950. Kurt Weill (composer of "Mack The Knife","Alabama Song" and others) dies in Hollywood.

1952. Dave Hill (Slade) born Fleetcastle, Devon.

1957. Graeme Kelling (Deacon Blue) born in Paisley, Scotland.

1964. The Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love" tops the British and American charts. In the U.S. they have all of the top five singles in the chart.

1976. The Sex Pistols open a new punk venue at the El Paradiso Club in London.

1978. Sid Vicious films 'My Way' in Paris. It will later be used in The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.

1981. Bucks Fizz win the Eurovision Song Contest with "Making Your Mind Up". They're the first British group to win since Brotherhood Of Man in 1976.

April 5th.

1928. Tony Williams (The Platters) born.

1941. Eric Burdon born in Newcastle.

1941. David La Flame (It's A Beautiful Day) born.

1941. Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention) born.

1942. Allan Clarke (Hollies) born Salford, Manchester.

1944. Crispin St. Peters born Peter Smith in Swanley, Kent.

1950. Agnetha Faltskog (Abba) born Jonkopping, Sweden.

1951. Everett Morton (The Beat) born in the West Indies.

1954. Stan Ridgway (Wall Of Voodoo) born.

1967. Paul McCartney flies to Denver, Colorado for Jane Asher's birthday party. He takes with him a large diamond (engagement) ring which she later loses.

1976. Sid Vicious enters hospital after scoring some smack and a dose of hepatitis.

1981. Bob "The Bear" Hite (Canned Heat) dies of a heart attack in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

1983. Danny Rapp (Danny & The Juniors) dies of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, aged 42.

1994. Kurt Cobain commits suicide by shooting himself in the head at his home in Seattle.

April 6th.

1937. Merle Haggard born in Oildale, California.

1944. Michelle Gilliam (Mamas and Papas) born in Long Beach, California.

1956. Only five days after his first screen test, Elvis Presley signs a three-movie deal with Paramount Pictures.

1960. Richard Jobson (Skids; Armoury Show) born.

1962. "Stan" Ian Cullimore (Housemartins) born.

1963. Fats Domino signs with ABC Paramount Records after 15 years with Imperial Records.

1968. Syd Barrett leaves Pink Floyd to follow a solo career.

1968. Cliff Richard is runner-up in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Congratulations".

1969. Pete Quaife leaves The Kinks..

1971. The Rolling Stones launch their own Rolling Stones label after signing a distribution deal with Atlantic Records.

1978. Guitarist John Ellis announces that he's leaving The Vibrators.

1979. Rod Stewart marries Alana Hamilton.

1982. Cozy Powell quits the Michael Schenker Group..

April 7th.

1915. Billy Holiday born Eleanora Fagan in Baltimore.

1918. Percy Faith born in Toronto, Canada.

1938. Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane) born.

1943. Mick Abrahams (Jethro Tull; Blodwyn Pig) born in Luton.

1952. Bruce Gary (The Knack) born in Burbank, california.

1956. Columbia Records announces that it is dropping the 78 record for all releases other than "Hillbilly" music.

1967. KMPX Radio in San Francisco launces the first progressive FM station.

1969. John Lennon records his first solo single, "Give Peace A Chance" in his Toronto hotel bedroom.

1978. The Police release their first single (Roxanne) with new guitarist, Andy Summers.

1979. Siouxsie And The Banshees play a charity concert for Mencap at London's Rainbow Theatre. Unfortunately, over zealous fans do so much damage that once the costs are covered there is little left for the charity.

1981. Kit Lambert, the Who's original manager, dies after a fall at his mother's house.

1994. Lee Brilleaux (Dr. Feelgood) dies of throat cancer, aged 41.

1994. Courtney Love is arrested on drugs charges following a reported overdose. She and the police are unaware that Kurt lies dead in another part of their house.

April 8th.

1942. Roger Chapman (Family; Streetwalkers) born in Leicester.

1947. Steve Howe (Yes) born in London.

1967. Sandie Shaw wins the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Puppet On A String'.

1978. The Damned play their farewell show at London's Rainbow Theatre.

1978. Japan release their debut album, 'Adolescent Sex'. A series of promotional posters features the crotch of a different member of the band with a hand halfway into an open fly. Above this is the wording, "Get Into Japan".

1993. Suede's gig at London's Kilburn National is pulled with only hours to go. Technical problems do not calm the 3,000 unhappy punters who are locked out.

1994. Kurt Cobain's body is found at his Seattle home by Gary Smith, a visiting electrician. It has been lying unseen since Kurt killed himself on April 5th.

April 9th.

1932. Carl Perkins born Lake County, Tennessee.

1943. Terry Knight (Grand Funk Railroad) born in Michigan.

1944. Gene Parsons (Byrds) born.

1961. Mark Kelly (Marillion) born in Dublin, Eire.

1969. King Crimson play their first live gig at London's Speakeasy.

1976. Folk singer, Phil Ochs hangs himself at his sister's house, in Far Rockaway, New York, aged 36.

1977. The Damned become the first British punk band to hit the U.S. They open four nights at CBGB's in New York. Arriving at their hotel, they find The Rolling Stones have left several gifts for them - a birthday cake, seven meringue pies and three prostitutes.

1977. Wilko Johnson quits Dr. Feelgood.

1982. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber makes a 1,000,000 offer for London's Old Vic Theatre which went bust in 1981.

1994. A public memorial is held for Kurt Cobain in Seattle. More than 5,000 fans turn up to hear Courtney Love thank them for their support.

April 10th.

1932. Nathaniel Nelson (Flamingos) born in Chicago, Illinois.

1938. Glen Campbell born in Delight, Arkansas.

1940. Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brothers) born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

1947. Bunny Wailer born Neville O'Reilly Livingstone, Kingston Jamaica.

1960. Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) born.

1962. Stuart Sutcliffe, dies in Hamburg of a brain haemorrhage.

1967. Paul McCartney visits Brian Wilson while he is recording the legendary Beach Boys album, "Smile". Paul ends up producing the track, "Vegetables".

1970. Paul McCartney leaves The Beatles.

1970. Jim Morrison gets dragged off the stage by Ray Manzarek during The Doors gig in Boston. Jim has just screamed to the audience, "Would you like to see my genitals?".

1975. Ronnie Quinton (Ritchie Blackmore's personal roadie in Deep Purple) dies in a car crash near Malibu Beach.

1994. A day after attending Kurt's memorial, Daniel Kasper becomes the first copy-cat to follow his hero and kills himself with a shotgun.

April 11th.

1956. Neville Staples (Specials / Fun Boy Three) born Christiana, Jamaica.

1958. Stuart Adamson (Skids; Big Country) born in Manchester, England.

1961. Bob Dylan plays his first gig at Gerde's Folk City, New York supporting John Lee Hooker.

1963. The Beatles release "From Me To You".

April 12th.

1940. Herbie Hancock born in Chicago.

1944. John Kaye (Steppenwolf) born Joachim F. Krauledat in Tilsit, East Germany.

1950. David Cassidy born in New York.

1954. Bill Haley and The Comets record "Rock Around The Clock".

1958. Will Sergeant (Echo & The Bunnymen) born.

1963. Bob Dylan plays his first major gig at New York Town Hall.

1966. Jan Berry (Jan & Dean) crashes his corvette. It took four years of surgery before he could speak properly again.

1967. Flying back to London from the U.S., Paul McCartney writes Magical Mystery Tour and sketches ideas for the film.

1977. The Vibrators move from RAK Records to CBS.

1979. Jack Bruce starts another comeback with R&B band No Mystery.

April 13th.

1934. Horace Kay (the Tams) born.

1944. Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane) born Washington, D.C..

1946. Roy Loney (Flamin' Groovies) born San Francisco.

1946. Al Green born Forrest City, Arkansas.

1954. Jimmy Destri (Blondie) born.

1967. The Rolling Stones perform behind the Iron Curtain for the first time. Their concert, in Warsaw, turns into a riot when 7,000 people are locked out. Police use tear gas to clear the kids who refuse to leave.

April 14th.

1935. Country star Loretta Lynn born Loretta Webb in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky.

1945. Ritchie Blackmore born Weston-Super-Mare.

1946. Patrick Fairley (Marmalade) born in Glasgow, Scotland.

1967. David Bowie releases "The Laughing Gnome" little realising it would return to haunt him 16 years later when it reached number 4 in the UK charts.

1976. Bay City Roller, Eric Faulkner nearly becomes the Kurt Cobain of teeny-pop after taking an overdose at his manager's house.

1980. Gary Numan releases the first commercial pop video in the UK.

April 15th.

1895 0r 1898. Bessie Smith born in Chattanoga, Tennessee.

1939. Marty Wilde born Reginal Smith in London.

1944. Dave Edmunds in Cardiff.

1947. Stuart 'Wooly' Wolstenholme (Barclay James Harvest) born.

1966. Graeme Clark (Wet Wet Wet) born.

1970. George Goldner, music industry hustler and small label boss dies.

1983. Pete Farndon (Pretenders) is found dead in his bath at home.

April 16th.

1929. R&B singer Roy Hamilton born in Leesburg, Georgia.

1939. Dusty Springfield born Mary O'Brien.

1945. Guitar virtuoso Stefan Grossman born in Brooklyn, New York.

1947. Gerry Rafferty born in Paisley, Scotland.

1963. "Little" Jimmy Osmond born Canoga Park, California.

1969. MC5 get dropped by Elektra after placing an ad reading, "Fuck Hudsons" in a local Detroit newspaper. Hudsons was a local record shop that refused to stock MC5 albums.

1971. The Rolling Stones release Brown Sugar, the first single on their own label.

1972. E.L.O. play their first gig at The Fox & Greyhound, Croydon.

1979. Alternative TV split up.

April 17th.

1941. Billy Fury born Ronald Wycherly in Liverpool.

1946. Bill Kreutzman (Grateful Dead) born.

1955. Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) born Peter McNeish.

1959. Stephen Singleton (ABC) born.

1960. Eddie Cochran dies in a car crash, returning to London after a show in Bristol. He was 22.

1970. Paul McCartney releases his first solo album, 'McCartney'. It was carefully timed to coincide with the release of the Beatles own, 'Get Back'.

1974. Vinnie Taylor (Sha Na Na) dies from a heroin overdose.

April 18th.

1924. Bluesman Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown born in Vinton, Louisiana.

1941. Mike Vickers (Manfred Mann) is born.

1958. Les Pattinson (Echo And The Bunnymen) born.

1966. Liverpool's Cavern Club is sold by the official receiver after going into bankruptcy.

1973. Declan Mcmanus plays his first solo gig after leaving Rusty. He is billed as Declan Costello for his performance at the Barmy Arms pub in Twickenham.

1979. Don Airey joins Rainbow as keyboard player.

1981. Yes announce they've finally split - again but not for the last time. Alan White and Chris Squire are reported to be joining forces with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

1983. Felix Pappalardi, producer of Cream and bassist with Mountain, is shot dead at his New York apartment. His wife is charged with second degree murder.

April 19th.

1928. Alexis Korner (Blues Incorporated) born in Paris, France.

1942. Alan Price (Animals; Alan Price Set) born in Fairfield, County Durham.

1944. Mark Volman (Turtles) born in Los Angeles.

1978. Patti Smith releases "Because The Night". A song co-written with Bruce Springsteen, it is her only real hit.

1980. Brian Johnson (Geordie) replaces Bon Scott (died) as lead singer of AC/DC.

April 20th.

1935. The very first popular music chart of any kind is launched on U.S. radio. "Your Lucky Strike Hit Parade" was introduced by Warren Hill and featured the best selling fifteen songs of each week. It moved to television on July 10th 1950 and kept going until April 29th 1959.

1939. Johnny Tillotson born in Jacksonville, Floirda.

1948. Craig Frost (Grand Funk Railroad) born in Flint, Michigan.

1951. Luther Vandross born in New York.

1955. Alan Freed stages his first rock 'n' roll show at Brooklyn's Paramount Theater. Unusually for the time, there was no colour bar in force.

1956. Nat King Cole is attacked and beaten after a show in Birmingham, Alabama. His band that night were Britain's Ted Heath Orchestra

1968. Apple Records place adverts in the press asking musicians and songwriters to send their demos to the company's Saville Row offices.

1968. Deep Purple play their first live show in Tastrup, Denmark.

1976. The Rolling Stones release 'Black And Blue', their first album since Mick Taylor left the band.

1981. John Phillips (Mamas And The Papas) is sentenced to 8 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to drug dealing. He only serves thirty days in prison. The rest of the sentence is suspended. He does 250 hours community service that year, attends a drug abuse programme and is given five years probation.

April 21st.

1939. Eric Maresca, writer of Dion's classic 'The Wanderer', born.

1945. Modern Records is formed by the three Bihari brothers from Oklahoma. Over the years it becomes the most influential of R&B labels featuring John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Elmore James and Etta James among others.

1947. Iggy Pop is born James Jewel Osterburg in Muskegan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

1959. Robert Smith (The Cure) is born.

1960. DJ Dick Clark testifies before the congessional committee investigating payola.

1963. The Beatles visit Richmond's Crawdaddy Club to see The Rolling Stones play.

1963. Johnny McElhone (Texas) is born.

1970. Bluesman Earl Hooker dies in Chicago of pulmonary tuberculosis, aged 40.

1971. Ska trombonist, Don Drummond, dies in Jamaica's Belleue mental asylum. He'd been locked-up there after killing his common-law wife.

1977. Jesse Winchester performs in the U.S. for the first time in ten years having fled to Canada to avoid the draft.

1978. Sandy Denny dies of a brain haemorrhage, four days after falling down stairs at home.

April 22nd.

1922. Jazz legend Charles Mingus born in Nogales, Arizona.

1950. Peter Frampton born in Beckenham, Kent.

1951. Ace Frehley (Kiss) born Paul Frehley in The Bronx, New York.

1955. Producer Arthur Baker is born.

1956. The Coasters sign to Atlantic Records.

1969. John Winston Lennon officially changes his name to John Ono Lennon in a ceremony on the roof of the Apple building.

1977. The Jam release their first single, 'In The City'.

1978. Johnny Thunders stages a surprise gig at London's Speakeasy. His band includes Paul Cook, Steve Jones and a french teenager, Henri Paul on bass.

1978. Bob Marley headlines the One Love peace concert in Kingston, Jamaica. Proceeds go to unemployed street kids.

1979. Keith Richards serves his sentence for the Toronto drugs bust by playing two charity concerts for the blind at the city's 5,000 seat Oshawa Hall.

1983. Jazz pianist, Earl Hines dies from a heart attack in Oakland, California, aged 77.

April 23rd.

1936. Roy Orbison born in Wink, Texas.

1939. Ray Peterson, who had a hit with 'Tell Laura I Love Her', born in Denton, Texas.

1960. Steve Clark (Def Leppard) born.

1967. Despite being banned by the BBC, Pink Floyd's "Arnold Layne" becomes the first "underground" single to enter the U.K. top 20.

1971. The Rolling Stones release their first album, "Sticky Fingers", on their own label.

1977. Siouxsie And The Banshees play London's Roxy Club. In the audience are a bunch of students from Hornsey Art College. Led by Stuart Goddard,they are inspired to form a new band - The Ants. Meanwhile, not that far away, the club's promoter, Andrew Czeczowski, is being thrown off the premises. After running gigs there for four months, it seems he hasn't given the owners any of the 25,000 a year they're charging him.

April 24th.

1942. Barbra Streisand born in Brooklyn, New York.

1945. Doug 'Cosmo' Clifford (Creedence Clearwater Revival) born in Palo Alto, California.

1947. Glen Cornick (Jethro Tull) born Barrow-In-Furness, England.

1959. The first rock 'n' roll record to featutre a string section, 'There Goes My Baby', is released by The Drifters.

1968. Britain's company bosses, in the form of The Confederation of British Industry, complain that Radio One affects the output of their factory workers.

1971. Bob Welch joins Fleetwood Mac as replacement for Jeremy Spencer.

1975. Pete Ham (Badfinger) hangs himself in a period of depression.

1975. Guitarist Johnny Thunders and drummer Jerry Nolan quit The New York Dolls while on tour in Florida.

1976. The Sex Pistols get a douple page feature in 'Sounds'. It's their first major press coverage.

1982. Nicole, singing 'A Little Peace' wins the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.

April 25th.

1918. Ella Fitzgerald born in Newport News, Virginia.

1923. Blues guitarist Albert King born Albert Nelson in Indianola, Mississippi.

1933. Jerry Leiber, one half of Leiber And Stoller, born in Baltimore.

1950. Steve Ferrone (Average White Band) born in Brighton, England.

1958. Fish born Derek William Dick in Dalkeith, Scotland.

1964. Andy Bell (Erasure) born in Peterborough.

1974. Pamela Courson, heir to Jim Morrison's estate and his common-law wife, dies of a drug overdose.

1977. Elvis Presley records for the last time at The Civic Center, Saginaw, Michigan. The three tracks are released on the "Moody Blue" album.

1978. Alternative TV become the last new wave or punk band to play London's 100 Club for two decades. Graffiti, theft and damage caused by punk fans have turned the punk nights from profit into loss.

1980. Hugh Cornwell is released from his six week sentence (for possessing heroin) in London's Pentonville Prison.

1981. Denny Laine leaves Wings.

April 26th.

1944. Diana Ross born Detroit.

1938. Duane Eddy born in Conning, New York.

1942. Bobby Rydell born in Philadelphia.

1945. Gary Wright born in Englewood, New Jersey.

1960. Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) born.

1964. The Rolling Stones release their debut album, "The Rolling Stones". They celebrate by playing the New Musical Express Poll-Winners Concert at the Empire Pool, Wembley

1969. Paul McCartney (or at least his replacement) denies the hot story of the moment that "Paul is dead". The story grows after Paul is pictured barefoot on the cover of "Abbey Road".

1977. Disco mecca, Studio 54, opens in New York.

1980. The Beat release Britain's first digitally recorded single, "Mirror In The Bathroom".

1982. The Clash postpone their UK tour when Joe Strummer goes missing.

1982. Rod Stewart gets mugged and robbed of his Porsche by a gunman on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles in broad daylight.

1993. The Farm play a one-off charity gig at Liverpool's Philharmonic hall backed by a 70-piece orchestra and choir.

April 27th.

1947. Pete Ham (Badfinger) born in Swansea, Wales.

1947. Ann Peebles born in East St. Louis.

1948. Kate Pierson (B-52s) born in Weehawken, New Jersey.

1959. Sheena Easton born .

1969. John Lennon's erotic lithographs (seized in a police raid on a London art gallery) are handed back after a court finds them "unlikely to deprave or corrupt".

1972. Phil King (Blue Oyster Cult) is shot three times in the head after an argument in New York.

1976. The Ramones release their eponymous debut album.

1979. Returning from a short tour of the U.S., John Foxx quits Ultravox.

1981. Ringo Starr marries Barbara Bach at London's Marylebone Registry Office.

April 28th.

1963. Andrew Loog Oldham and his boss, Eric Easton, visit Richmond's Crawdaddy Club where the Rolling Stones are playing. The next day they become the group's managers.

1968. Rock musical, "Hair" makes its Broadway debut at the Biltmore Theater.

1976. The Rolling Stones start their first tour in three years at Frankfurt's Festhalle.

1979. Martin Bramah quits The Fall.

1980. Tommy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker Band) dies in a car crash, aged 30.

1981. Gary Numan makes his "final appearance" at Wembley. That was before several dozen come-back tours (yawn).

April 29th.

1928. Carl Gardner (the Coasters) born.

1931. Lonnie Donegan born Anthony James Donegan in Glasgow, Scotland.

1942. Klaus Voorman (Manfred Mann) born Berlin, West Germany.

1947. Tommy James born in Dayton, Ohio.

1948. Michael Karoli (Can) born.

1958. Simon Edwards (Fairground Attraction) born.

1963. A day after seeing them for the first time, Andrew Loog Oldham and Eric Easton sign a management contract with The Rolling Stones.

1967. The first major "underground" event, "The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream", is staged at London's Alexandra Palace.

1972. The Mayor Of New York, John Lindsay, asks federal authorities to stop deportation proceedings against John Lennon.

1993. Mick Ronson dies in London after a two year battle against cancer.

April 30th.

1877. Charles Cros delivers papers to the French Academy Of Sciences describing the manufacture of a phonograph.

1943. Bobby Vee born Robert Veline in Fargo, North Dakota.

1953. Merrill Osmond (The Osmonds) born in Ogden, Utah.

1965. Bob Dylan starts his last pre-electric tour of the U.K. in Sheffield.

1966. Songwriter, Richard Farina, dies when he crashes his motorcycle after the launch party for his book, "Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To Me'.

1968. Frankie Lymon (Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers) dies of a heroin overdose.

1970. Allman Brothers' road manager "Twiggs" Lyndon is arrested for murder after stabbing a club manager for breach of contract.

1975. Ex-New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan make their live debut with their new band, The Heartbreakers. In the audience at Club 82 in New York is Andrew Jakeman (Jake Riviera) soon to be of Stiff Records.

1977. A new fanzine is launched in Ayr, Scotland. The eigteen-year old behind it is Mike Scott. The first issue covers everything from The Beach Boys to The Sex Pistols. Mike is a frustrated musician who has fronted a band of mates for some years under the name Karma. One day he will find fame and fortune himself as leader of The Waterboys.

1978. The Clash top the bill at the first Rock Against Racism concert at London's Victoria Park.

1982. Rock journalist Lester Bangs dies, aged 33.

1993. Virgin Radio is launched at the Manchester Megastore at 12.15 pm by Richard Branson. He then does a quick trip from Edinburgh to London by helicopter, stopping at five cities to give live reports to the station.

1994. Drummer Brendan O'Hare quits the Teenage Fanclub.