The Doors Tape List.

Date. Venue/Source. Time. Quality. Reference.
Sept.'65. Rick & The Ravens demo tape. World Pacific Studio, Los Angeles. 20m. VG+. R.5-42-3.
7:03:67. Matrix Club, San Francisco. 48m. EX. C. 141-1.
23:10:67.. The In-Sound. US Army radio show w/Ray Manzarek. 5m. EX. C. 171-2.
Nov.1967. Winterland, San Francisco. 10m. G. C. 385-2.
27:12:67. Jonathon Winters' TV Show. 7m. VG. R.5-1-3.
1966/'67. Avalon Ballroom. 10m. VG. C. 119-1.
1967. Noel Harrison TV Show. 13m. VG. R.5-1-3.
1967. Ed Sullivan Show. 10m. VG.
1967. Toronto. 10m. G.
1967. Boston. 60m. G.
10:05:68. Chicago. 50m. VG. R.4-22-1.
4:07:68. San Bernadino. 30m. G. R.5-42-4.
6:07:68. Hollywood Bowl. 45m. G. C. 192-2.
July 1968. Syracuse University. 35m. G.
2:08:68. Singer Bowl, Flushing Meadow. 30m. G. C. 192-1.
23:08:68. Los Angeles. 60m. G.
7:09:68. The Roundhouse, London. 45m. EX.
8:09:68. Doors Are Open, The Roundhouse, London. 55m. EX. R.4-3-3/4.
8:09:68. The Roundhouse, London. 80m. F. C. 389.
Sept. '68. Press reception, I.C.A., London. 3m. G. R.5-23-2.
Sept. '68. BBC TV feature. 4m. G.
10:09:68. Musikhalle, Hamburg. 45m. VG.
14:09:68. Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt. 50m. G. C. 396.
15:09:68. Amsterdam (without Morrison). 30m. G. C. 377-2.
20:09:68. Stockholm. 51m. VG. C. 374.
13:12:68. Los Angeles Forum. 30m. G. C. 128-1.
15:12:68. Smothers Brothers Show. 8m. VG. R.5-1-3.
1968. Scene Club, New York. Jim jams with Hendrix/Winter/etc. 54m. EX. C. 206-2.
1:03:69. Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami. On stage raps. 3m. VG. C. 99-1.
Early 1969. Rock Is Dead (Soft Parade studio out-take). 21m. VG. C. 169-1.
23:05:69. PBS Critique Show. 40m. VG. R.5-1-2.
13:09:69. Toronto Pop Festival. Varsity Stadium, Toronto. 60m. VG. C. 395.
Dec.1969. Morrison interviewed by Howard Smith, Doors Workshop, Los Angeles. 70m. G.
1969. New Creatures interview. 4m. VG. R.5-8-1.
18:01:70. Felt Forum, New York. 80m. VG. R.5-8-1.
22:08:70. San Diego. 45m. G. R.5-1-4.
31:08:70. Isle Of Wight Festival. 60m. VG. R.4-26-3.
Oct.1970. Paul Levine's radio reports of Morrison's trial. 10m.
8:12:70. Morrison's poetry sessions, Elektra Studios, Los Angeles. 35m. VG C. 169-1.
11:12:70. McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas. 60m. VG
1971. What's It All About? US radio show with Manzarek interview. 7m. EX
1971. Carnegie Hall, New York. (First gig after Jim's death). 70m. G
1972. Beat Club, German TV. 3m. VG
1972. Dick Cavett TV Show. 8m. VG
1972. Aragon Ballroom, Oak Park, Chicago. 60m. VG
1972. Imperial College, London. 60m. F
10:09:73. Hollywood Bowl. (Last concert). 55m. VG
1975. Dick Clark TV Show with Manzarek interview. 10m. G
March'77. Manzarek interviewed by Rodney Bingenheimer, Los Angeles. 30m. EX
1978. Radio One interview. 20m. EX
1979. Don Kirshner TV Show. 10m. VG
1979. Jim Ladd Innerview. Four part radio documentary. 180m. EX
1980. It's Only Rock & Roll. Rex Rosthorne talks to Danny Sugerman and Ray Manzarek. 6m. EX
1981. CBC-TV Appreciation of Jim Morrison. 20m. G
4:07:81. Radio One Appreciation of Jim Morrison. 30m. EX
1982. Jim Morrison : Three Hours For Magic. 180m. EX
3:07:82. Doors Encore Special, The Source. NBC. 100m. EX
7:12:82. Rock & Roll Never Forgets : Jim Morrison. 165m. EX
1:11:83. Manzarek & Krieger interviewed by Roy Deane. 20m. EX
1:11:83. Manzarek & Krieger interviewed by Roy Deane and Johnny Black. 25m. G-EX
1:11:83. John Tobler interview for Saturday Live. 17m. EX
2:11:83. Press Conference, I.C.A., London. 75m. EX
11:11:83. Manzarek interviewed by Roy Deane. 100m. EX
undated. Jim Morrison interviewed in street about lizards 2m. VG R.5-23-1.
undated. Billboard By-line with Manzarek interview. 2m. VG
undated. Radio Active with Manzarek and Krieger interview. 4m. EX

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