Elvis Presley In Scotland

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The following article was first published in The Sunday Sport dated March 22 1987. It was my first world exclusive, even if it wasn't in the world's most up-market paper.

King Elvis In Britain!

These are pictures (only one is shown here) Elvis Presley fans world-wide would give their eye teeth for ... photos of The King in Britain. Never published before, they record the only time the rock legend met and mingled with fans on British soil.

Nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine out of every million fans will tell you that The King was NEVER in the U.K. The date was March 3rd, 1960. The place was Prestwick Airport in Scotland.

Elvis was finishing his American army national service and stopped over in Ayrshire for a precious two hours. In those days, Prestwick was home for the 1631 USAF unit.

Despite a massive security clampdown,the news leaked out that a mystery V.I.P. was flying in ... and when Sgt. Presley stepped off the plane, local fans rushed to greet him. And, without the restraining influence of aides and his personal manager, "Colonel" Tom Parker, the star felt relaxed enough to mix with them.

There to greet him officially, were base commander Colonel Russell Fisher, chief executive officer Major Ed Miller and admin officer Major Ben Bacchus.

Liet-Col Ed Miller, now retired, said at his Ayshire home:

"I remember it well. I got the job as Sgt. Presley's escort, probably because I was a professional musician before the war."

"He was an extremely pleasant, sincere young man who took the time and trouble to speak to everyone he met."

The lucky few fans who were in the right place at the right time were left with the memory of a lifetime.

Photographer Ian Ghee, who took these pictures beyond price, said: "Meeting such a legend is every photographers dream.I hope that some other people will recognise themselves in these pictures and get in touch with me through the Sunday Sport."

Ian's brother, Robert has a very special souvenir of meeting The King. He was given Elvis' autograph and personal address ... written on a fish and chip wrapper, the only paper he had with him. He still has the prized packet, grease stains and all.

At Prestwick, Elvis phoned his bride-to-be Priscilla, in Frankfurt. She was then a shy 16 year old living there with her family. Todd Slaughter, president of the 20,000 member U.K. Elvis Fan Club, was delighted when he heard Sunday Sport had the pictures.

Facts about King Elvis to amaze you

  • HE was a black belt in karate.
  • HE sold a billion records.
  • WHEN he died in 1977 he had give away ALL the billion dollars he had earned,mostly to charity.
  • IN his last year he did 150 concerts.
  • THE only European country he visited (except on military service) was France.He stayed in the fabulous George V hotel in Paris.
  • HE owned a U.S. wide chain of raquetball courts - it's like a faster version of squash - and had one at his home.
  • THE only non-U.S. concert he did was in Vancouver,Canada.

Text Roy Deane 1987.

Three of the photographs are reproduced from photocopies of prints. Negatives of these no longer exist. Other photographs are reproduced without clearance of the copyright holder. This is either the U.S.A.A.F. or the British Ministry Of Defence and I express my thanks to either.

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