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O.D. and Out.

The history of rock music is littered with the drug related deaths of many famous stars.
These are just some of them.

Name. Date. Method of O.D.
Tommy Bolin. 04-12-76. Heroin.
John Bonham. 26-09-80. Sleeping pills and drink.
Tim Buckley. 29-06-75. Heroin.
Nick Drake. 25-10-74. Sleeping pills.
Tim Hardin. 29-12-80. Heroin/morphine.
Janis Joplin. 04-10-70. Heroin.
Robbie McIntosh. 23-09-74. Heroin.
Ron "Pig-Pen" McKernan. 08-03-73. Drink.
Keith Moon. 07-09-78. Sleeping pills.
Malcolm Owen (Ruts). 14-07-80. Heroin.
Gram Parsons. 19-09-73. Cocaine, drink, morphine.
Sid Vicious. 02-02-79. Heroin.

to be continued

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