Rockmine Trivia

Get A Proper Job.

Rock stars are real people and once upon a time had real jobs.
These are just some of them.

Name. Occupation.
Marc Almond. Pornographic film-maker.
Billy Bragg. Petrol pump attendant.
Billy Bragg. Shipping clerk.
Billy Bragg. Bank messenger.
Billy Bragg. Record shop assistant.
Billy Bragg. Goat herd.
Belinda Carlisle. Petrol pump attendant.
Eric Clapton. Casual labourer.
Eric Clapton. Temporary postman.
Elvis Costello. Computer programmer.
Terence Trent D'Arby. Army corporal.
Roger Daltrey. Sheet metal worker.
John Enwistle. Civil servant - inland revenue.
Bob Geldof. Rock journalist.
Dr. John. Child model - Ivory Snow.
Bryan Ferry. School teacher.
Debbie Harry. Playboy bunny.
Jimi Hendrix. Army paratrooper.
Chris Isaak. Tour guide.
Davy Jones. Child actor - Coronation Street.
Mark Knopfler. Journalist.
Cyndi Lauper. Stable lass.
Barry Manilow. Pianist in a gay sauna.
Ian Craig Marsh. Computer operator.
John Cougar Mellencamp. Telephone engineer.
Vince Neil. Electrician.
Stevie Nicks. Waitress.
Phil Oakey. Hospital porter.
Elvis Presley. Truck driver.
Rod Stewart. Grave digger.
Sting. School teacher.
Neil Tennant. Rock journalist.
Gene Vincent. US Navy sailor.
Donnie Wahlberg. Shoe-shop assistant.
Martyn Ware. Computer operator.
Charlie Watts. Graphic artist.
Peter Wolf. Radio dj.
Bill Wyman. Engineer.

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