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The Rockmine Archive

Rockmine is Europe's largest independent rock music archive. It's a vast one-stop resource for fans and professionals in publishing, radio, TV, film and the press. Built around four enormous collections: the written word, ephemera/memorabilia, audio and video. Click the link above to get a feel for the size of it.

The Rock Mall

The refurbished Rock Mall is now online with more than 1,200 items for sale. There are rare books and rare photographs, rock film posters and front of house stills, music papers and underground magazines, tour programmes and clothing, memorabilia and much more. Click on the link above to go straight there.

Hundreds more items will be added in the next month, including group press release photos, a variety of music magazines and music paper adverts. To keep up to date with new stock going online, follow Rockmine's Blog or my Twitter account.

Golden Years

As a tribute to David Bowie, I am producing a limited edition of twenty life masks gilded with 23.5 carat heavy gold leaf.

The base mask is a resin plaster copy of the one seen being made at the start of the "Cracked Actor" documentary. For full details, click the headline link above.

Rockmine Publishing

After years of thinking about it, Rockmine Publishing finally exists and is proud to announce the release of its first publication, "Rock and Pop on Television"

Taken from the Rockmine Almanac, it runs to 1,926 pages in ePub format and features more than 27,000 entries, 50,000 song titles and 637,000 words. It's also available as a PDF and soon for Kindle.

Taking the form of a daily almanac, it is also fully searchable by show, presenter, artist/group and song title. For more details and a sample page, click the link above.

Rockmine Television

TV viewing is changing, apart from more choice and flexibility, people are, whenever possible, constructiing their own programming. Rockmine TV aims to build on that.

At Rockmine Television you'll find all the Eurovision Song Contest Winners, all the U.K. Number One Singles until the end of 2009 and a selection of Rock Festivals. That's more than 1,226 videos! When a library of links to entries in "Rock and Pop on Television" is collected, they'll be added to the site.

Rockmine's Blog

Rockmine's been working on a daily almanac for nearly 25 years. While it's no longer being updated online, you'll still get sample extracts for every day of the year. Concise versions of The Rockmine Almanac will be available over the next two years via Rockmine Publishing.

The Ballroom Blogs

Here's a chance for you to relive your memories and share them with others. Rockmine is launching a number of blogs crammed with dates of all the bands that played at some the world's greatest and most interesting venues. The lists are interspersed with images, audio and video clips directly relating to the time of the concerts.

It started with two small venues in the North East of Scotland - The Ballerina Ballroom and The Two Red Shoes and now we've added the Fillmore Auditorium and the Marquee Club which will be built up over time. Coming soon are the Avalon Ballroom, the Fillmore East, the Matrix Club and Glasgow Apollo. Check out the links at the bottom left.

The Jim Morrison Pardon

On December 9th 2010, Florida's Board of Executive Clemency granted a pardon to wipe Jim's 1970 conviction from the record books.

Many news services in the U.S.A. quoted Rockmine as one of the sources of the information that had been put before the governor for consideration. Rockmine put all the trial transcripts and Doors related FBI files online back in 1999! Here are direct links to everything: Robbie Krieger's testimony, John Densmore's testimony, Ray Manzarek's testimony and, of course, Jim Morrison's testimony. You'll find all other Doors related files here.

Check out my blog comments before and efter the pardon here.


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