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Pink Floyd 1970 Hyde Park Free Concert 8mm Film

This is an original colour reel of silent Standard 8mm film taken from the audience for a few seconds and then continues from the side of the stage of Pink Floyd's free concert in Hyde Park. As it is the original, complete with edits, it is sold with copyright.

John "Hoppy" Hopkins video'd the concert in black and white but some of his friends/acolytes/"students" were also on hand to help and film. I bought this from one of those in the early 1980s through an advert in Record Collector.

The images here have been photographed from a small projected image on a slightly textured light cream coloured wall and are not as good as the original film quality. The colours lack richness and brightness. The film is also much sharper and detailed than the photos.

As a record of Pink Floyd at their most avant garde, this is historically valuable. It features the orchestra and choir as well as the band themselves. In its page on Pink Floyd's missing performances, The Lost Media Wiki has this information on Hoppy's video: "The 2006 transfer revealed the poor condition of the reel: only Atom Heart Mother was entirely recoverable. The 5 other songs were really damaged and/or suffered tracking problems. A cleaner version of the footage, sourced from an earlier transfer, represents today the holy grail for many Pink Floyd fans and collectors."

As the images contained in the film have never been seen, they could easily be used in magazines, books and online publications. The film itself could, needless to say, be of use to anyone producing a Pink Floyd documentary looking for unseen footage.

Media companies, publishers and others seeking further information, please email:

It was being auctioned on eBay, with a starting price of £ 1,249. As I don't now need to pay eBay's 10%, the price has been reduced to £ 1,125.


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