February 4th

  • 1894. Adolphe Sax, inventer of the saxophone dies in poverty.

  • 1929. Paul Burlison (The Rock & Roll Trio) born in Brownsville, Tennessee.

  • 1939. Frank Sinatra

  • 1941. John Steel (The Animals) born in Gateshead, Northumberland.

  • 1942. Johnny Gambale (The Classics) born in Brooklyn, New York.

  • 1944. Florence LaRue (Fifth Dimension) born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • 1948. Alice Cooper born Vincent Furnier in Detroit, Michigan.

  • 1952. Jerry Shirley (Humble Pie) born.

  • 1955. Golden Cadillac Club, New Orleans, Louisiana: Elvis Presley.

  • 1959. The coroner's report on the death of Buddy Holly is published, showing he died of massive injuries in the plane crash.

  • 1961. Henry Bogdan (Helmet) born in Oregon.

    1961. Lathom Hall, Seaforth, Liverpool: The Beatles.

  • 1962. Country star Clint Black born in Long Branch, New Jersey.

    1962. Casbah Coffee Club, West Derby, Liverpool: The Beatles.

  • 1963. The Beatles perform their last lunchtime show at the Cavern Club.

  • 1964. The Beatles appear on the cover of the US magazine "Newsweek".

    Also today: The Beatles perform two shows at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, France. This is the final night of their three-week engagement in France.

    1964. Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey: The Yardbirds.

  • 1965. McCartney, Paul Paul McCartney and his girlfriend Jane Asher fly out for a holiday in North Africa.

    1965. On Television: (U.K.) Top Of The Pops. Presented by Jimmy Saville. Featuring Adam Faith - "Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself"; Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - "Three Bells"; The Animals - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"; The Kinks - "Tired Of Waiting For You"; The Righteous Brothers - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin"; The Seekers - "I'll Never Find Another You"; The Shangri-Las - "Leader Of The Pack" (Promo Video); Val Doonican - "The Special Years"; Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - "The Game Of Love.

  • 1966. The Rolling Stones' new single, "19th Nervous Breakdown" is released in the UK. Highest chart position: 2

    1966. The Marquee Club: David Jones And The Lower Third (David Bowie).

  • 1967. Cream Technical College, Ewell, Surrey: Cream
    The Roundhouse, London: Soft Machine.

  • 1968. The Beatles are recording in Studio Three at EMI's Abbey Road Studios, London. Track worked on: "Across the Universe". When John and Paul decide the song needs some falsetto harmonies, they invite two girl fans into the studio to sing on the song. They are Lizzie Bravo, a 16-year-old Brazilian temporarily living near Abbey Road and 17-year-old Londoner Gayleen Pease. The Beatles' "Anthology 2" has a take recorded on this date, one without the girls' vocals (Disc 2, Track 20). After the girls leave the studio, The Beatles record overdubs of unusual effects. One, called "Hums Wild", features 15-seconds of layered humming recordings. Another effect tape is a guitar piece which, along with a third harp-like sound tape, is intended to be played backwards for overdubbing onto "Across the Universe".

    1968. Neal Cassady, driver of The Merry Pranksters' bus,

  • 1970. John Lennon and Yoko Ono take part in a bizarre ceremony on the roof of London's "Black House" in Holloway. They hand the Black Power leader Michael X two plastic bags containing their recently cut hair. In return they are given a pair of blood stained boxing trunks belonging to Muhammad Ali. They plan to auction the trunks and donate the proceeds to peace.

    1970. Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding announce they are reforming The Jimi Hendrix Experience, though they never record or perform together again.

  • 1971. Rolling Stone magazine publishes part two of "The Working Class Hero", a lengthy interview with John Lennon.

  • 1971. Chicago's album, "Chicago III" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    The Osmonds' single, "One Bad Apple" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1972. US Senator Strom Thurmond sends a secret memo to US Attorney General John Mitchell, urging that John Lennon be deported from the United States as an undesirable alien due to his political views and activism.

    1972. On television: (U.S.A.) The Partridge Family in an episode entitled, "My Heart Belongs To A Two-Car Garage". The Partridges awake one morning to find a visitor, Nicholas Pushkin (a.k.a. Pushkin The Magnificent), has decided to adopt them. Puskin, a jobbing chef, carpenter and artist breaks as much as he fixes. While his hosts are away at a concert, he decides to paint their garage door. Trouble is, he paints a large portrait of a scantily clad woman, much to everyone's embarrasment. The local museum hear about it, and recognizing the work of a reknowned artist pay a great deal of money for it. The family get a new garage door, Pushkin get a vacation and everyone lives happily ever after.

    1972. The Faces album, "A Nod's As Good As A Wink... To A Blind Horse" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1973. Palais des Sports de la Porte de Versailles, Paris, France (Roland Petit Ballet) (two shows): Pink Floyd.

  • 1975. Natalie Imbruglia born in Sydney, Australia.

    1975. R&B star Louis Jordan dies of pneumonia in Los Angeles, aged 66.

    1975. Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York: Led Zeppelin.

  • 1976. Birmingham Civic Centre Alabama, USA: Deep Purple.

    1976. The Marshall Tucker Band's album, "Searchin' For A Rainbow" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1977. John Lennon and Yoko Ono spend $ 178,000 on land in Delaware County, New York for a vacation retreat and farm to breed Holstein cows. It's also made public that they're buying up every apartment that becomes available in the Dakota Building.

    1977. UK release of Wings' single "Maybe I'm Amazed/Soily" (Capitol). Live versions.

    1977. On television: (U.S.A.) The Midnight Special. No. 192. Host: Glen Campbell. Guests: Abba, David Dundas, Queen (music video), Seals & Crofts, Sly and the Family Stone, The Spinners.

    1977. Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland: Pink Floyd.

    1977. 10cc's album, "10cc" is certified silver by the B.P.I. and their album, "Greatest Hits Of 10cc" is certified gold.
    Jon Anderson's album, "Olias Of Sunhillow", Steve Howe's album, "Beginnings" and Chris Squire's album, "Fish Out Of Water" are all certified silver by the B.P.I.

  • 1978. On television: (U.S.A.) Soul Train featuring L.T.D.; Michael Henderson.

  • 1980. Peter Skellern's album, "Astaire" is certified silver by the B.P.I.

  • 1981. Marquee Club: The Gas.

    1981. Lena Martell's album, "Beautiful Sunday" is certified gold by the B.P.I.

    1981. Tom Browne's album, "Love Approach" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Barry Manilow's album, "Barry" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    The Oak Ridge Boys' album, "The Oak Ridge Boys Greatest Hits" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1982. Alex Harvey is returning home from a European tour, with his manager Gordon Rowley, when he collapses in Belgium. He's rushed to hospital but later dies from a heart attack. He was 46 years old.

    1982. Having finished his British tour, Barry Manilow announces that he's cancelling all his European tour dates as he's suffering from bronchial pneumonia.

    1982. Marquee Club: Mother's Ruin.

    1982. Altered Images album, "Happy Birthday" is certified silver by the B.P.I. It was released on September 11th, last year.
    Heaven 17's album, "Penthouse And Pavement" is certified silver by the B.P.I.
    O.M.D.'s album, "Architecture & Morality" is certified platinum by the B.P.I.

  • 1983. Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters) dies aged 32 at Downey Community Hospital in California. She was taken ill at her parents' home in the morning and after suffering cardiac arrest, was rushed to hospital. The heart attack which killed her was brought on by Anorexia Nervosa.

    1983. Marquee Club: The Truth.

    1983. Chas & Dave's albums, "Mustn't Grumble" and "job Lot" are certified silver by the B.P.I.

    1983. The Alan Parsons Project's album, "Eye In The Sky" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    38 Special's album, "Special Forces" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1984. Marquee Club: Dumpy's Rusty Nuts.

    1984. On television: (U.S.A.) Soul Train featuring O'Bryan; Real to Real.

  • 1985. Marquee Club: Lionheart. Support: One a.m.
    Phoenix Veterans Coliseum Arizona, USA: Deep Purple.

    1985. Re-release in the U.K. of three Paul McCartney albums on CD: "Tug of War", "Band on the Run" (without "Helen Wheels"), and "Wings Greatest" on EMI.

  • 1986. Less than a week after losing a six month High Court battle against Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Dick James dies of a heart attack at his home in St. John's Wood, London. It's later revealed that Elton has settled Dick James' outstanding court costs.

    1986. Marquee Club: Chariot.

    1986. John Lennon's posthumous "Come Together" promo video premieres on US television on MTV. The video is from the film "John Lennon: Live in New York City".

    1986. Bon Jovi's eponymous album is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

    1986. George Strait's album, "Something Special" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1987. Liberace dies from a kidney complaint (possibly AIDS related) at his Palm Springs mansion.

    1987. Marquee Club: The Rapiers. Support: The Black Anglias
    Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany: Deep Purple.

  • 1988. Marquee Club: Hard Rain. Support: No Mans Land.
    The Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia: Pink Floyd.

    1988. Japan's album, "Oil On Canvas" is certified gold by the B.P.I.
    Ryuichi Sakamoto's album, "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - OST" is certified silver by the B.P.I.
    Simple Minds' album, "Sparkle In The Rain" is certified platinum by the B.P.I.

    1988. Foreigner's album, "Inside Information" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Debbie Gibson's album, "Out Of The Blue" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Metallica's longform video, "Cliff 'Em All" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1989. Comedy country Star Kenneth "Jethro" Burns of Homer And Jethro dies of cancer at his home in Nashville aged 68.

    1989. Marquee Club: The Grip. Support: Marshall Law.
    Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland, New Zealand: R.E.M.

    1989. On television: (U.S.A.) Soul Train featuring Starpoint; Cherrelle, Robert Brookins & Stephanie Mills.

  • 1990. Marquee Club: Jezebelle +Atom Seat. Support: Chunk.

  • 1991. Marquee Club: Dave Howard Singers. Support: Miss America.
    Palac Kultury a Sportu, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia: Deep Purple.

    1991. Ice Cube's shortform album, "Kill At Will" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1993. Neil Diamond's album, "Greatest Hits 1966-1992" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1994. The Judds' longform Video, "Naomi & Wynonna - The Farewell Tour" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Marco Antonio Solis / Los Bukis' album, "Inalcanzable" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1995. Da Lench Mob rapper J-Dee (real name Dasean Cooper) is sentenced to 25 years in jail for murder and 4 additional years for firearms offences by a court in Los Angeles. The charges stemmed from an incident in April 1993 when J-Dee and his girlfiend were attending a house party in Inglewood, California. The rapper is said to have left with his girlfriend and, after collecting a gun, returned and shot her flatmate, Scott "Pearl" Charles, outside the party five times. After the verdict, the rapper's lawyers and writers for the black press said the sentence was excessive and it had been unfair that J-Dee had been tried by an all-white jury.

    1995. On television: (U.S.A.) Soul Train featuring Howard Hewitt, H-Town; DaBrat.

  • 1996. On television: (France) Taratata. No. 114. Recorded 9 janvier 1996. Solos: POW WOW, Big Soul. Duos: Pow Wow & Big Soul, Pow Wow & M. Glen.

  • 1997. Blues Traveller's album, "Four" is certified 6 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Bush's album, "Razorblade Suitcase" is certified 2 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Tracy Byrd's eponymous album is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Sheryl Crow's album, "Tuesday Night Music Club" is certified 7 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Whitney Houston's single, "I Believe In You & Me" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Patty Loveless's album, "Greatest Hits" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    New Edition's album, "Home Again" is certified 2 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    No Doubt's album, "Tragic Kingdom" is certified 6 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Snoop Dogg's album "Tha Dogfather" is certified 2 X Platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Sounds Of Blackness' album, "Africa To America" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Sublime's eponymous album is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.

  • 1998. Brian Harvey, lead singer with East 17 appears at Southwark Crown Court on charges of actual bodily harm and causing affray outside Stringfellows nightclub in London, last year. He's acquitted on the first charge but found guilty of the second and fined 1,000. He's also ordered to pay 2,852 costs. Harvey attacked 44-year-old photographer, Renaldo Vargas outside the nightclub and kicked him repeatedly when he was on the ground. Outside the court, Harvey's solicitor read a statement that stressed critical comments made by the judge about the way celebrity photographers work. Harvey, himself, insisted that he had been the victim of a "paparazzi set-up".

    1998. Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico: Deep Purple.

  • 2000. Doris Kenner-Jackson (The Shirelles) dies from breast cancer, aged 58.

    2000. On television: (Germany) Rockpalast featuring Asian Dub Foundation and Rage Against The Machine live from Philipshalle, Dusseldorf.

    2000. Five's "Keep On Movin'" is certified gold by the B.P.I.

    2000. Los Temerarios' album, "Como Te Recuerdo" is certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.
    Missy Elliot's single, "Hot Boyz" and her album, "Da Real World" are certified platinum by the R.I.A.A.

    2000. On Television: (U.K.) Top Of The Pops. Presented by Jayne Middlemiss. Featuring Andreas Johnson - "Glorious"; Britney Spears - "Born To Make You Happy"; Daphne & Celeste - "Ooh Stick You"; DJ Luck & MC Neat - "A Little Bit Of Luck"; Gabrielle - "Rise"; LFO - "Girl On TV"; Mint Royale - "Don't Falter"; R.E.M. - "The Great Beyond.

  • 2001. Paul Stanley confirms that Eric Singer will wear Peter's makeup for the new Kiss tour.

  • 2002. At a press conference at the World Economic Forum in New York, legendary producer Quincy Jones unveils the "Quincy Jones Fellowship Program" which aims to assist in developing South Africa's digital technology infrastructure.

    2002. El Chichicuilote's album, "Moviendo Las Palmas" is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Nickel Creek's eponymous album is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.
    Trick Pony's eponymous album is certified gold by the R.I.A.A.

  • 2003. John Densmore files a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging breach of contract, trademark infringement and unfair competition against Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger the two other surviving menbers of The Doors. Seeking an injunction to stop the use of the name and original logo of "The Doors" and unspecified damages, the suit claims that Manzarek and Krieger have undertaken to advertise and promote the tour without the consent of Densmore or the estates of Jim Morrison or his wife, Pamela Courson.

    2003. Courtney Love is arrested for disruptive and abusive behaviour when her Virgin Atlantic flight lands at London's Heathrow Airport. The 38-year-old who flew into London to attend a charity concert at London's Old Vic theatre tomorrow, is held for some time at the police station at Heathrow. Virgin Atlantic allege that the Hole front-woman, who was travelling in the Upper Class lounge, was shouting and refused to sit down and put on her seat belt when asked to do so by cabin staff. In the afternoon, the airline issued a statement which read, "We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on board any of our aircraft, always report it to authorities and always push for prosecution".

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