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Rockmine is proud of its library - tens of thousands of fanzines, magazines and papers that chart the history of rock music from its earliest days until today. Now you can share these gems with us as we unearth some of music's long lost treasures and obscurities:

Mojo Navigator

In 1966, when West Coast rock was nearing its creative peak, there was only one rock music paper - "Mojo Navigator". This fanzine embodied the scene and the spirit of one of the most exciting periods in rock. Its reviews and interviews presaged the intelligent, articulate but still "scene" based feel of the early "Rolling Stone" which would soon follow.

Hot Wacks

During the 1970s, Hot Wacks was one of the most important music journals in the U.K. It went in-depth with artists that the main papers rarely covered. The writing was as good as anything in the mainstream. Bert Muirhead, the publisher has given me clearance to reproduce them. Thanks Bert!

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