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The David Bowie Life Masks

At the current time, I only have David Bowie life masks available. However, they come in three different styles - plain white, chrome and in a strictly limited edition of only 20, hand gilded with 23.5 Carat heavy Gold Leaf.

All masks are made to order which can result in a delay of up to 10 days for the gilded one before shipping. Needless to say, that mask is sent fully insured.

Two life masks are known to have been made of David Bowie. This one is seen being made in the documentary, "Cracked Actor" and was for the film, "The Man Who Fell To Earth". The other was made for the film, "The Hunger".

Life masks of other stars will be coming soon along with Bowie masks being fully painted with Ziggy and Ashes To Ashes make-up!

Plain Resin Plaster
Resin Plaster with Chrome Finish
23.5 Carat Gold Leaf
£ 75 £ 100 £ 360

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