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Since starting in 1985, Rockmine has collected all manner of rock and pop related clothing. From 1989 to 1993, we also dealt in these at record fairs throughout Europe.

During the time that's elapsed since then, Rockmine held on to a small but interesting collection which we are now pleased to offer for sale. All items are incredibly rare and will not be found elsewhere.

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Elton John Pink Suit

Whilst not as flambouyant as some of Elton's outrageous stage clothes, this was obviously intended more for stage than street.

A two-piece salmon-pink and grey striped suit by Spanish designer Gene Cabaleiro who regularly designed stage clothes for the star.

Generation X - Derwood Andrews' Stage T-Shirt

An iconic piece of stage wear from one of Punk's most famous bands.

Comes with a letter from Derwood (Bob Andrews).

Jimi Hendrix Trousers

Pair of red corduroy bell bottom trousers worn at the Civic Auditorium, Bakesfield, California on October 26th, 1968.

Captured in two of a series of four backstage photographs taken by Ron Rafaelli.

Sheryl Crow's Signed Dr. Martens Boots

Sheryl Crow's signed Dr. Martens boots as worn at the 1997 Glastonbury Festival.

Mounted for exhibition by Dr. Martens with Glastonbury wrist band, backstage pass and CD case.

Excellent condition.

A one-off!

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