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Elton John Sotheby's Box Set

The Elton John Sotheby's Box Set: Four lavish, fully illustrated catalogues for Elton's first major auction house sale, housed in a sturdy slip-case. The sale featured 1,922 lots and took place between Tuesday 6th September and Friday 9th September, 1988.

I was lucky enough to buy Sotheby's stock of unsold catalogues late in 1989. For the next six years, the number gradually diminished as they were always in my stock at the record fairs I attended throughout Europe. The last remaining copies were recently discovered in my container. They're all shrink-wrapped and all in their original mailing boxes.

It's not unusual to see complete sets selling for in excess of 200 but I'm happy to offer my last remaining copies at 135 (including U.K. courier delivery). Unfortunately I am unable to send by international signed-for due to the weight. Quoted rates for the U.S.A. were 50!


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