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The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition Photographs

In 1992, The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition toured the U.K. It was staged by a London-based company, Exhibit-A, which had previously staged the Bob Marley "Songs of Freedom" and Noel Coward "Firefly" exhibitions. Unmounted, unframed prints were sold at exhibition sites for upwards of 180. After the exhibition had finished touring, it was sold at Bonhams Knightsbridge in aid of the Heart 'n Soul charity which assists people with learning difficulties. Rockmine was lucky enough to purchase six lots at that auction.

Now, nearly fifteen years later, we are pleased to offer four of them for sale. The two that we are retaining both have great significance for us. One shows Jimi onstage at the Fillmore East wearing his peacock feather waistcoat which was once in Rockmine's collection. The other shows four shots of Jimi backstage at Bakersfield on October 26th 1968. Mitch is seen handing Jimi a pair of trousers in one and wearing them in another. Those trousers are currently in the collection.

Jim Marshall - The Fist

Unknown photographer - Rings

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