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"Golden Years"
The 1970's David Bowie Life Mask Gilded With 23.5 Carat, Heavy Gold Leaf

David Bowie "Golden Years" Life Mask.

Exclusive to Rockmine. This life mask, thought to be made during the filming of the "Cracked Actor" documentary has been cast in resin plaster before being gilded with 25 sheets of 23.5 carat, heavy gold leaf. It has then been sealed with a coat of acrylic varnish to stop the gold being damaged in any way.

It will be available in a limited edition of 20.

Being gold, it constantly reflects light in different ways. The photo on the left is taken in direct sunlight. The one on the right, in electric light. Both the ones above and below are taken in natural ambient daylight.

Each one comes with a strong brass hanger embedded in the resin plaster to enable it to be displayed anywhere.


U.K. insured delivery included. Please note: This item is not available for overseas delivery due to its fragility and unknown customs import fees.

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